Saving Money on Farm Fence Construction

Farm fence construction can often be a time-consuming task. Owners of large rural properties often know all too well the effort and costs associated with installing and maintaining fence lines. Aside from defining boundaries between paddocks, there is also the consideration of safety for livestock and cattle in individual yards to consider.

Justifying Farm Fencing Costs

In an effort to keep rural fencing prices down, many property owners will choose options that they believe will mean a smaller capital outlay initially. This usually translates to timber posts with barbed wire fencing strung between them.

While this may seem like a cost-effective option, the reality is that choosing substandard materials actually costs more overall. Timber is not an effective material for use as rural fence posts, especially in remote areas of Australia. After all, timber is highly susceptible to attack from termites, leaving fence posts rotted and hollow. This offers no support for a fence line at all. Timber is also more likely to be affected in the case of a brush fire near the property, or in the event of back-burning operations, again leaving the fence line’s integrity compromised.

When timber posts rot, warp or disintegrate after exposure to the harsh Australian climate, you will need to spend more time and money maintaining those compromised sections of fencing.

By comparison, choosing to use more durable materials for farm fence construction allows for greater strength and security over the long term. Using galvanised posts is highly cost-effective when compared to installing timber posts, but the additional savings come from not having to waste time on maintenance.

Galvanised posts are quick and easy to install, but they are designed to be corrosion-resistant and they are not susceptible to fire or termites. This leaves the integrity of the fence line intact for a far greater length of time.

Integration of Gates in Farm Fence Construction

Using timber gates to separate out livestock yards or paddocks does not make a lot of sense. Dragging a heavy timber gate across scrub can be hazardous and time consuming. Yet choosing to replace those old warped gates with galvanised gates can increase security in those yards and make it much easier to access different areas of a property.

Galvanised gates can be custom-made to suit any gate opening width. They can also have wheels fitted to them to make opening and closing much easier. It is also possible to install remote control operators to gates, which alleviates the need to get in and out of a vehicle to gain access to various areas.

Remote control devices can be powered by convenient solar panels, which further reduce the costs associated with running electrical cable to more remote sections of a property.

Increased Safety for Livestock and Cattle

Ensuring that your farm fence construction is strong and durable can go a long way to keeping livestock and cattle safe. When timber posts crumble and fall, it is tempting for cattle to wander through the compromised fence line into other pastures. This puts them at risk of injury if they happen to get caught up in barbed wire that is still strung between the posts.

Aside from this, if you are working to keep neighbour’s livestock out of your crop farming paddocks, it is much easier to achieve this with the right types of rural fence posts and gates.


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