Custom Designed Farm Fences and Gates

For many rural property owners, farm fence construction often consists of whatever works at the time. This usually means replacing old, warped, cracked or rotted timber fences and gates when they need to be done.

What those property owners may be overlooking is that farm fencing costs actually end up far more expensive overall. This is especially true when using materials for rural fence posts that need to be replaced or repaired regularly, as timber is prone to do.

The alternative is to consider using farm fences that do not require regular repairs and maintenance instead. This could mean using galvanised posts that will not warp or crack after exposure to the elements. These also will not crumble into dust if there are termites in the area as timber will, and they will not leave your fence line at risk during fire.

Aside from being more reliable than timber posts, galvanised posts also provide far superior strength. This can be an important consideration, especially when you are attempting to keep cattle and livestock secure in their allocated yards or paddocks.

Besides, rural fencing prices are extremely competitive so they are not nearly as cost-prohibitive as many people expect. Add in the savings made from time saved on far fewer maintenance and repair jobs and it should be an easy choice to make.

Custom Designed Farm Gates

Using timber farm gates to secure yards and paddocks may not always be the best way to secure those locations. Timber gates can be heavy and unwieldy to drag across scrubby paddocks. They can also be awkward across wider gate openings.

Using custom designed galvanised farm gates lets you create secure gates for any opening width. These will not crack or crumble after exposure to the elements, but they can be fitted with convenient wheels to make opening and closing easier and quicker overall.

Steel farm gates can also be fitted with remote control operation. This alleviates the need to get out of a vehicle to open gates as you move through different paddocks, so it saves time. The remote control gate operator can be powered using solar panels, which also removes the need to install expensive electrical wiring out to remote locations.

While gates for paddocks and livestock yards are important, you also want to think about the gates you use to secure the actual home. Many rural property owners prefer a more decorative effect around the home, but still want security.

This is where it is very possible to create custom decorative fences and gates that suit the overall effect you want to achieve around the home. These can also be fitted with convenient remote control operators to allow easy access into and out of the driveway without having to get out of the vehicle.

Quikfence provides a wide range of cost-effective farm fences and gates suitable for almost every need. They are able to deliver to any location right across Australia, no matter how remote, and they can even install them for you to save on time. They are also able to supply all products in kit form for easy installation.

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