Quikfence Helps Flood-Affected Australians Rebuild Their Homes

Mother Nature can be very unpredictable and at the worst of times, the effects can be catastrophic, leaving people to pick up the pieces. Tropical Cyclone Oswald left destruction in its tracks and while it will take much longer to repair the emotional damage caused by this turmoil, Australians from different sectors are doing what they can to help rebuild the lives of people who were devastated.

Quikfence understands this and they want to help. Flood-affected victims who are starting to rebuild their homes are offered free fencing installation. If you have recently been affected by the flood, but already have your fence line cleared, marked and ready for installation, simply order at least 10 units of premium end assemblies and Quikfence will install them free of charge. Quikfence has machinery available to help you with your clean up if you have not been able to have this done. It takes much more than an installed fence to make a home, but Quikfence hopes that this gesture is a step in the right direction.

Their teams of trained and fully-equipped fencing contractors are available to work on projects all over Australia. Delivery can be arranged from coast to coast, whether to your property or to your preferred local dealer.

This is a limited-time offer, so call Quikfence now and start rebuilding your future. For more information, please visit www.quikfence.com.au.

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