Easily Reduce Maintenance Time Spent on Rural Fences and Gates

Choosing the right rural fence posts, fences and gates can easily reduce maintenance time and slash the costs involved. Quikfence provides highly cost-effective rural fencing options to rural property owners right across the country.

Most farm fence construction is comprised of timber posts with wire strung between them. While this might provide some form of marker for paddock boundaries, it does not actually provide much in the way of security or protection for livestock.

Timber posts are highly susceptible to attack from termites, leaving them rotting and cracked where they stand. Timber is also a risk during fire season, especially if back burning in paddocks nearby.

Even if these things do not threaten the integrity of your fence line, timber does tend to warp and crack over time simply due to exposure to the elements in the harsh Australian climate. Crumbling fence posts can pose a high risk of injury to livestock within fenced off paddocks, costing even more money in the long run.

Yet many property owners still use timber for fencing posts in an effort to keep farm fencing costs to a minimum.

By comparison, rural fence posts made from galvanised steel can offer a far superior level of strength and stability, regardless of weather conditions. They are not susceptible to the same risks and they also help to decrease the risk of injury to livestock and cattle.

Additionally, galvanised fence posts will not crumble, warp or crack due to prolonged exposure to the elements. They are designed to last over the long term, which effectively means less time spent on maintenance and replacement overall. This ends up to be a far more cost effective option for securing any rural fence line.

The team at Quikfence is able to supply and deliver any rural fencing needs to any location across Australia, no matter how remote. If necessary, professional installation can also be provided.

For more information about cost effective rural fences and gates or farm fence construction, visit their website at www.quikfence.com.au.

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