Saving Time and Money with Galvanised Fence Posts for Rural Fencing

It often surprises many rural property owners that it is possible to save far more time and money than they expect just by reconsidering the type of fence posts they use. After all, most farms still fence off individual paddocks and cattle yards with the traditional timber posts and finish off fencing with barbed wire.

While the initial cost of installing timber posts might seem cheap and easy, in the long run, it actually may be costing you more than you think.

The Trouble with Timber Posts

While timber posts may be the traditional preference for farm fencing post usage, they are not exactly the most practical choice. After all, if you are back-burning on a property anywhere near a fence line with timber posts, you run the risk of setting even treated posts alight. This can compromise the security of your fence line and increase the risk to your livestock or cattle in that paddock or yard. The same is true with nearby brushfires that may be burning in close vicinity.

Timber is also highly susceptible to attack from termites. A termite-eaten post can crumble and collapse at any time, leaving your fence line exposed once again. Rain and exposure to the harsh Australian climate can also compromise the integrity and strength of your posts.

Each of these things can mean more time spent maintaining and replacing individual fence posts, taking up more of your time and effort to keep your fence intact. Add to this the cost of replacing individual posts every time this happens and it is easy to see how those costs can mount up quickly.

Galvanised Fence Posts

Replacing those old, crumbly timber fence posts with galvanised fence posts is far more cost effective than most rural property owners believe. Aside from being extremely durable and corrosion resistant, galvanised fence posts do not require the same ongoing maintenance as timber posts.

This means the integrity of your fence lines remains strong, keeping precious livestock and cattle secure. Galvanised fence posts are easy to install, especially if you are prepared to use specialised post diggers. These make the job quick and easy, even on larger properties. Once the job is done, you eliminate the need for spending any more time, effort or money maintaining the fence line. This keeps your overall farm fencing costs to a minimum without compromising your fences.

Galvanised Farm Gates

If you are considering replacing your rural fence posts, you may also want to think about the benefits of upgrading any old timber gates you have separating yards and paddocks. Timber gates are known to warp and crack. They can also be cumbersome to open and close, especially if they are installed in out-of-the-way locations where you need to get in and out of the car to operate them.

Using galvanised farm gates means you can have gates custom designed to fit any opening width as a single or double gate system. It also means you are able to fit remote control operation to these gates, which can be powered by solar panels to help you avoid the cost of running electrical cables to outer paddocks. This reduces time spent by you opening and closing gates, but also helps to increase security at the same time.

Rural fencing prices can seem steep to many farmers, especially when you take the ongoing maintenance costs into account. However, you can minimise your costs quickly and easily by replacing those old timber fences and gates with far more cost effective galvanised options.

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