Cost-Effective Options for All Types of Rural Fencing

Many rural property owners elect to purchase the cheapest possible farm fencing in an effort to ensure yards are fenced off. Yet the initial cost does not always indicate the overall expenditure.

A good example of this is rural fencing held together using timber posts. Timber is highly susceptible to fire, which puts a property at increased risk during fire season. It also weakens the integrity of the fence line when the timber starts to warp and crack after exposure to the elements for any period of time. Timber posts are also susceptible to termite attack, which requires further time and maintenance just to keep the fence line intact. Over time, this can prove to be a far more costly option overall in terms of replacement costs, maintenance and time spent.

By comparison, opting for galvanised posts is often far cheaper than most property owners expect. Rural fencing prices have become extremely competitive, especially with galvanised posts, cattle yard gates and bar gates. These are extremely durable and are able to withstand exposure to the harsh Australian climate, even at the height of bushfire season. They will not warp or crack and they will help maintain the integrity of the fence line more effectively than other alternatives.

They are also very easy to install. Specific farm fencing kits can be made available with base plates and steel strainer posts that make installation extremely quick.

If you are striving to secure cattle or livestock in individual yards, this can be a more effective way to reduce the risk of injury to animals. It is also ideal for reducing the amount of time you spend on maintaining fences.

Farm Gates

Aside from worrying about fencing individual sections of the property, it is also important to consider access to those areas. This is where choosing the right farm gates can really make a difference to your bottom line.

Rural field gates and yard bar gates are an important aspect of any farm property. This allows you to keep cattle or livestock secure, but also allows you easy access to yards when required. Timber gates are likely to warp, making it difficult to open and close them. But galvanised gates can have wheels fitted to make operation smoother and easier. This allows you to swing them open more easily, or even slide them aside without having to worry about dragging gates across undergrowth or scrub.

They can also be fitted with remote controlled systems to allow you access to field or paddock areas without having to leave your vehicle. These can be powered using convenient solar panels, which lets you avoid having to connect costly electrical systems out to remote field areas. Gates can also be custom made to suit any width opening.

Choosing the right rural fencing and gates saves you time and effort overall, giving you more time to spend on running your property instead of dealing with more maintenance issues. It also helps you ensure that your livestock are kept secure and have a reduced risk of injury due to wonky fence lines.

Before you head out to spend another day fixing or maintaining a farm fence, think about the cost effectiveness of replacing those old fences with more durable, secure fencing options. You could end up saving more time and money than you expect.

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